BBC 3 Breakfast

Matrix441 field recordings tomorrow morning on BBC Radio 3 Breakfast show:


Uporaba množice podatkov za generiranje in simuliranje zvokov Skeniranje podatkov, kristalizacija podatkov, model podatkovnega sonograma Kdaj: 6.11.2021Kje: MatrixLab

Ars Electronica 2021

Biodukt at Ars Electronica 2021 // Sound Park – auditory scenes In a world dominated by visual stimuli, auditory perception can be an oasis of calm....

ALC Videoart Festival

Matrix441 at ALC Videoart Festival 31 August to 4 SeptemberMACA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante https://alcvideoartfestival.pb.studio

WLD 2021 Soundwalk

Matrix441 joins World Listening Day 2021 : The Unquiet Earth In 2020 we were forced to pause by an invisible virus. This brought countless consequences to...

Sound workshop – Field recording

The field recording workshop will be introducing contemporary concepts in field recording, sound art, installations, architecture and sound design, with the use of field recordings as...

Tresk Festival

Matrix441 (Pharmafabrik Recordings) at Tresk Festival 2021 Pharmafabrik Recordings is a relatively covert, but at the same time very vigorous and prolific, alternative record company. Preferring...

Muestra de Video Arte Faenza

Matrix441 at VAF 2021 Video Arte Faenza Video Arte Faenza is a contemporary international video art festival. The projections of video art are composed by video...