4th International Exhibition on New Media Art

Matrix441 at The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art
March 9 – March 25, 2018
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA)
CICA Museum Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
경기도 김포시 양촌읍 삼도로

Digital media seem to lack physicality, of which we think as “texture.” As new media art evolves with digital technology, I recently have noticed “new textures” in them – glitches, pixelation, and virtual textures, which happen intentionally or unexpectedly. Eeriness of these new textures reminds me of the “uncanny valley” that resembles humans but is not humans anymore. New textures emerge in the middle of technological intervention and interaction. And these residues of mathematical calculations and errors form new aesthetics, stories, contexts, and realities.

New Texture: New Media Art 2019 features 36 new media artists worldwide, including Pierre Ajavon, Alessandro Avellis, Michael Black, Tom Burtonwood, Tristan Cai, Jade Chorkularb, Lacaste Eunice, Yuto Hasebe, Chih-ya Huang, Soa J. Hwang, Tian Jiang, Lara Kamhi, KairUs Art+Research, Ji Yong Kim, Mihyun Kim, Todd Kunkler, Heesoo Kwon, Jiaqing Mo, Christina Ivelisse Morris, Hannah Newman, Fongyee Ng, Min Park, Miock Park, Valentina Sciarra, Simon Šerc, Peim van der Sloot, Tamara Staser, Yuanliang Sun, Tore Terrasi, Cansu Topaloglu, Yang Wang, Rachel Lin Weaver, Jinjoo Yang, Kyungjin Yoo, and Lim Zeherng. I hope our readers find new textures in them reflecting their own realities across the globe.

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