Ekodukt is the continuation of Biodukt, an audio project that captures the natural sounds of the Slovenian Goriška region and the Italian Friuli Venezia Giulia. Designed as a two-hour program that encompasses a full day from sunrise to sunset, Ekodukt seamlessly integrates visuals to enhance this auditory journey. When contemplating the setup of the audio-visual experience, we made the decision to preserve its authenticity, recognizing that the observer/listener already possesses inherent interdisciplinarity and does not require further surprises or obstacles. Our aim, through this approach, is to convince you that one can hear with their eyes and see with their ears.

Biodukt is one of the finest field recording works we’ve ever covered, making our overall Top 20 in 2020.  Earlier this year, we included the album in our feature, The 25 Best Spring Albums of All Time.  We even coined a phrase that ended up being part of the subsequent exhibition:  forest bathing for the ears.  Suffice it to say that we fell in love with the album, and now that it’s been expanded to an audio-visual experience, we’ve fallen in love all over again. ~ A Closer Listen

Ekodukt is released on Blu-Ray disc, which means you can enjoy the two-hour soundscape uninterrupted, but also has the accompanying video, taken from the installation, which is probably as beautiful as the sounds. ~ Ambientblog.net

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