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What does it mean to listen with your entire body? The experience of hearing is far from abstracted, and yet we tend to conceive of each sense as a separate way of interacting with the world. The idea of a Biodukt is one in which the rings of a tree serve a function akin to the marrow of our bones – to connect, to draw out a cartography of our inner networks as they tune in on our surroundings. These recordings of forests and shores in Slovenia and Italy serve to remind us of that conductivity we are made of, that the trees of the cover, which in a way look like natural ducts, are not unlike us. As their oxygen penetrates us, so we can pay attention to the swaying drones of their contact with the wind. That connection is a spiritual one, and if you listen closely you will be able to hear the hidden rhythm of the earth’s movement. Go ahead – let your body synchronize with the world.
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Recorded in Italy and Slovenia, Biodukt is the aural reflection of a day spent in the forest, distilled to a single hour. The dual citizenship of these recordings reminds us that Gaia knows no borders. The biodiversity is incredible, as is the wealth of sounds. For those who can’t get to the woods, this is the next best thing: forest bathing for the ears. The album is a reminder of geographic time, the cycle of nature and the healing power of the sea. These tall trees care little for our plight, yet they are still able to offer an unintentional solace.
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De uit Slovenië afkomstige Martina Testen en Simon Šerc hebben gedurende een maand opnamen gemaakt en verzameld, wat uiteindelijk heeft geleid tot een album met exact een uur natuurgeluiden, onderverdeeld in vijf perioden: zonsopgang, ochtend, middag, avond en zonsondergang. De opnamen zijn gemaakt in bossen in Italië en Slovenië. Dieren, water en vegetatie produceren kleurrijke geluiden die, ook omdat je je soms afvraagt wat je precies hoort, aandachtig luisteren afdwingen. De pure natuur klinkt betoverend mooi.
Opduvel jaarlijst 2020

Revel in the nature sounds of a Slovenian forest captured by sound recordists Martina Testen and Simon Šerc in this morning’s Sunday Breakfast Sounds of the Earth.
BBC Radio 3 Sounds of the Earth

The best sort of nature album, one that sits back and lets the local inhabitants strut their stuff. Biodukt distills the rhythms of a day down to a single hour, and provides a respite from worry and work.
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