Gravity Assist Miami

Matrix441 at Gravity Assist
Artist Run, Satellite Show, Miami
1. December 2015 – 6. December 2015

SEDIMENT presents the installation, Gravity Assist, for Artist Run organized by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and The Satellite Show Miami from December 1st through December 6th at The Ocean Terrace Hotel, 7410 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach FL.

Gravity Assist features sound pieces that responded to the recent fly-by event of NASA’s spacecraft, New Horizons, whose primary target was the outer dwarf planet, Pluto. The audio works speak to relationships with Pluto or other planetary bodies including our own, to the human longing that comes with distant and detached explorations of intangible objects, as well as the role of speculation and scientific discovery in defining what is within or without our physical world and imagination. To address the time duration of New Horizons’ journey from Earth to Pluto of nine years, five months, and twenty-five days, all audio tracks were composed to be nine minutes and five seconds in length.

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