Cadlag are simply masters of incorporating density and sparseness in their unique journeys. “Plus” is another journey, perhaps a tad more terrifying and paranoid than its predecessor. Nevertheless it most definitely leaves the listener to feel not the same as they did the moment they clicked Play. – The Noise Beneath The Snow Blog

Cadlag, the slovenian all-star noise/drone project with its new album and its accompanying text, suggests binariness, the all-encompassing enemy of today’s mainstream progressivism. Two things being obvious and inevitable throughout the journey: the fullness of it and the sheer intensity. We are left astonished by the clarity of the sound and so called general chaos. If we were to listen the album while resting, we would probably find it hard to endure, as the frontal attack works on the hearing/listening, as an interpretitive thought process, as it was already mentioned, trapping the muscles in, vibrating in the bones and simply not allowing us to rest, requiring some sort of motor relaxation. Nonetheless, this is not some rough, harsh noise, but an elegant and moving sonic firework, occupying your horizon for a good half an hour. – Sigic

Dark sound clouds pass by in the only, spacious half an hour piece. Flowing nebula winches above a stinking mud pool, which you irrevocably fall into. […] This all sounds rather black and white, just like the cover, while in my opinion this music lacks the white. That is by no means bad. The beauty here lies in the darkness, in the nuances of black. In addition, somewhere around half the noise makes its appearance, the mists become frayed and sharp edges and the atmosphere becomes even grittier than it already was. But we are not there yet. Ultimately, a gritty noise storm remains that uprootes and wipes everything away. A storm that could end the dark but doesn’t. As soon as the storm dies down, the mists are back, I see them hanging over my speakers so I know what I’m talking about. – Nieuwe Noten

Scuro e algido magma in graduale ed inarrestabile movimento. Tagliente come una lama spietata si erge e ribolle la materia sonica scolpita in presa diretta da Dejan Brilj, Boris Laharnar, Simon Šerc e Neven M. Agalma per dare vita al terzo capitolo del condiviso progetto Cadlag, asfissiante torrente di ruvide frequenze analogico-sintetiche in vorticoso sviluppo. – SoWhat

Le quatuor emmené par Simon Šerc (PureH) et Neven M. Agalma (Ontervjabbit, Dodecahedragraph) nous fait le coup de l’arme de destruction massive de dernière minute à chaque sortie. Avec +, lâché quelques heures à peine avant le réveillon, le drone funeste et incandescent des Slovènes ne déchaîne sa tempête d’échardes analogiques et de clous digitaux rouillés qu’au terme d’un crescendo patient, puis par intermittence dans un va-et-vient d’annihilation et de réinvention, une prégnance de l’atmosphère dans le bruitisme et vice-versa qui faisait déjà toute la force de leur première Live Tape puis du fantastique Votivkirche mais dont la dimension harsh noise se fait ici plus mesurée, laissant de l’espace au background de textures viciées et aux sirènes stridentes d’une apocalypse numérique imminente. – Indie Rock Mag

Cadlag . Plus.
• Catalog: PFCD036 / PFCD036V.
• Label: Pharmafabrik Recordings.
• Audio format: CD Digipak.
• Video format: VHS.

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